Final Project Out Now!!!!

What is it About?

I made a general site about me and made the sub category about my traveling to fulfill the needs of my Dgst class. It includes a second episode to my Ty travel vlog as well as the first one. I put a little more emphasis on the intro music and even added some background music because I did not like the staleness of the first episode. I also used a different mic and recording software.

How does this relate to everything we’ve done in class?

Well here’s a break down:

  • Week 1 we learned how to make a blog post- I posted in my blog
  • Week 2 we learned about accessibility- I added alternative text to all of my pictures, provided a transcript of the podcast, and provided a link to a website to find activities to do in Amsterdam
  • Week 4 we created our own blogging platform – I completely designed my website form scratched and added well neat detail to my site
  • Week 5 – we learned about royalty free images – I decorated my site with free canvas images/ minus the umw logo… but that’s to tell you what school I go to.
  • Week 6- we learned how to use VCTr and canvas to create logos and site icons – I Added a custom logo to my site.
  • Week 7 – we learned how to make podcast – My whole project is a podcast with editing… utilizing the definition of a podcast we learned in class.

So In all, my podcast utilizes at least six weeks of skills obtained from this class.

The licensing I gave to my podcast is license that limits adaptations of the work with out giving me the original credit but can be used/ copy/ shared for private purposes. The NC means that you can’t use it commercially. (CC BY.NC 4.0)

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