What’s the difference?

I am a digital studies major and no matter what I am always using my computer. Even Im using my iPad to graphically design things, I am clicking on things. So I feel like the clicker icon represents me. I incorporated the clicker into both the site icon and in the header.

What did you do to the icon?

When designing my icon (figure 1), I wanted something simple and minimalistic to match my website theme but I also wanted to add a touch of personalization. The software that I used was Vectr. I took a black clicker shape and made it a little bit more transparent to where it almost appears gray. I then added my the website name to the up corner. I love the color blue and wanted almost a tech blue incorporated. I made the the name blue and added the gradient for added coolness.

What did you do to the header image?

I went to the main setting on the site and found out what dimensions the header needed to be. I then went to the website Canva and started a blank canvas of that size with a gray gradient background. I then typed out my websites name, just to be a starting point. I made it into a cool font to draw the eye straight to it. I made it a cool blue color to match the icon and then incorporated the clicker pattern. I positioned the clicker to make it look like it was clicking on the “T” of the name. I then also added a sub heading to describe the current subdomain, and then to future ones I want to add to the website.

I Hope you all enjoy this new update!

mouse clicker icon with " T Y W H TN " inside
The new site icon. Clicker with the site name inside.
mouse icon clicking on tywhtn with a gradient background. Below is listed D G S T, blogs, and podcast.
The new site header. Gradient background with a clicker to incorporate the sites icon. I also added below the title, highlights of what I will be using the website for.

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