Week 5 in a nutshell

Week five has came and went. I unfortunately had alternator problems causing me to miss class on Friday but I luckily most of our class lessons are online. I had a pretty good week last week and we are a little less than halfway through the semester. This week we listened to a podcast where this women explained the danger of algorithms, which I found interesting because I always thought algorithms were all pros and no cons. The most shocking thing we read about in class was the loan approval difference with black people by algorithm. It made me realize that algorithm isn’t just “what kind of funny video pops up on you’re TikTok”. We also finished up our html and added them to our class web ring. We were then exposed to what programming is and learning about Java script.

Java script??? Is that a font? is it a type of coffee???

No Haha! Java script is a language that you create to control the content of your domain. The way we found out it relates to Html/ CSS is

  • HTML is for giving structure to the content
  • CSS is for designing how it looks
  • JS is for controlling actions and interactivity

I think this is gonna add more interaction and creativity with my html. I didn’t think html was my strong suit but im hoping that java script will get me intrigued. So far we are learning how to write Java Script on the same computer site that we learned how to write html ,W3 schools! So far we are learning the basics like adding buttons and demos. It seems pretty simple but I feel like the more we dig deep into it, the wording and commands might get more complicated. The teacher does want us to learn about different scripted sites and then choose one that we can explain/ share with the class. So I have a week to master at least something about javascript.

I missed Friday due to my alternator deciding not to keep my battery charge in my car, but I did reach out to one of my classmates and we are gonna go over the java script today. So I did not get to create my practice page but I did do the online exercises and readings. We read this one article where basically summed up, noting is found straight forwards anymore. Its all due to the structure and history of your searches. We took quizzes over the reading and algorithms.

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