Week Summary 2

This week in Applied Digital studies we learned about an original site that people used to create and share websites/ their own world. This would be done coming up with codes to type into the server. We also briefly talked about the meta verse and explored some everyday websites that use the same concept. My group observed a website called club Penguin and Movie star planet. We also looked more into the discovery of the “the web”. The guy in the video we watch breaks down how jumping onto the webworks and it give big “Reddit” vibes. It’s being able to connect with others without physically being there. It’s a series of different communities that you can share your opinion or simply observe.

We brushed up a little on how to make Retro Web World. I have a MacBook so I had to go to this website called Home-brew in order to start using the other software, but I watched another kid in class download it and a lot of crazy stuff popped up on his computer, so Im not sure if its mandatory to start coding but I am going to hold off. Overall this week was really interesting and I am excited about this coming week.

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