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I went to Berlin the past week and instead of boring you with a traditional blog post. I made a one minute podcast episode about 5 things to do in Berlin. This includes the a Digital art museum, the Berlin TV tower, parties, the Berlin Wall , and Berlin’s favorite fast food. Due to this having to be one minute, I did has to talk a little bit faster than usual, but after listening to it over and over I still redeem it comprehendible.

How did you create such a masterpiece?!!

I free typed out on a word document about the places I found really cool in Berlin. I wrote down a very short intro, and then wrote one to two sentences about the 5 places I wanted to talk about. I then went to the recording booth at my school and recorded on logic pro. I then took the clip, exported into sound trap and clipped out the silent parts of my audio. I then added free intro and outdo music called “Soothe Triumph r&b” from song starter. I put short clips of the song at the beginning and end and faded them in with my intro and ending. I also had to turn the volume down on the music and turn the volume up on my clip. After about 15 minutes of edit, I generated this masterpiece!

The Podcast

Transcript of the Podcast

Welcome to Ty Travels. This week we talked about 5 things to do in Berlin, a city home to a large techno scene in a place rich in history.

1- there’s a digital Art Museum called Black Hole that has breathtaking exhibits.

2-GO and check out the remains of the Berlin Wall and you can buy pieces of it at a gift shop.

3- Go and take pictures in front of the Berlin TV Tower. This is the control station of several radio and TV stations throughout Germany.

4. Go to a club that is suitable for you. Although Berlin is known for their techno and sex positive scenes, there are so many other kinds of parties. Bergheim is the world’s largest techno club and one of the hardest to get into, so dress accordingly

5 -Don’t leave Berlin without trying a donor. The Turkish treat that hits the spot just right. It’s a kebab that is traditionally made with lamb or veil, but has adapted to be made in ways like chicken or even vegan. I hope you enjoy your trip and remember to explore. That’s all we have this week on Ty Travels.

How did I find these great things to do?

I used get your guide to find these cool place. I booked my tickets and then confirmed that the site was legit. To see information and even more spots to check out visit the Get your Guide Website.

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