Using Data to Make a Chart!

This week we learned how to make a charts out of data in excel. We were told to pick any of the UMW grade distributions and then create a chart. After we’re supposed to curate a question that the chart can be used to answer. Don’t mind the top image heading saying “fall 2020”, it’s the right link( school must’ve made a mistake). The way all the downloads look, it seems like the chart titles are labeled one year behind what the data is supposed to be. I chose to make a chart about all the A+ of this certain semester.

Picture of the data that I chose from the umw grades distribution site. I chose the fall of 2020 undergrad grades.
Graph including allof the A's + per course in the spring of 2021.

So what question could you answer with this chart?

The question that I created with this graph is “which course has the highest amount of A over 93%?”. This might not be “which is the easiest class?” because even tho math is really low, it might have a small of amount of people taking the class, so the amount of A+’s is limited.. etc…

How did you achieve this graph?

I copy and pasted the Course letters and then the total number of A’s. But I did about an A-‘s (so basically the graph would only show people who got over a 93%).Then I pasted below the Pre-made chart.Highlighted the new data column that I pasted ,then I clicked insert,I then hovered over chart and chose the 2d column/ clustered column. Don’t use total because I made that mistake and it created an outlier that was a lot bigger than the others. You then have your now graphed data.

For more information and practice making your own graph visit the UMW grade distribution website…..

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