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Hey Guys! I made a video to share with you guys, how I make my morning coffee! Before I go into details. The video was supposed to be a minute long, I was under the impression that our personal video could be longer. When I went to reread the the rubric to curate this post, it clearly said 60 seconds. I apologize for it being 2 minutes and I tried to skim it down, but then some of the steps would be cut out. I also felt like if it was shorter, it would give off “very last minutes clutter” type of vibes.

What is this Masterpiece?

In this video, I made a detailed video describing how to make a morning coffee. This is something that I can not leave the house without drinking. The subjects I used in the video was all the ingredients for the coffee, my coffee machine and my roomate.

How did you create this?

I used my iPad to make a quick run down of how I normally make my coffee. I then shot each shot individually and then used Imovie to stitch them together, add music over top, and apply a voice over. I then uploaded to YouTube for a closed caption and full transcript.

Transcript of Video

Welcome to making things with Ty. This week we’re going to make my favorite

thing,morning coffee. For step number one you’re going to want to get your coffee filter and

make sure it’s placed into the coffee pot properly. For step number two you’re

going to grab your measuring tool and measure out three scoops of your

favorite brand of coffee. I like the Trader Joe’s espresso blend. For step number three you’re going to close your machine and prepare to start. Oh we need a Mug. Perfect now you’re going to start with step number three by making sure the settings are correct and then pressing start.

While that’s Brewing we can go ahead and start on our cold foam. Grab your vanilla sweet cream and pour it into a glass then use the frother on the side of the coffee machine to make a

nice foamy consistency. Grab your finished coffee from the coffee pot and slowly pour the vanilla cold foam over top of the coffee. Oh, that’s a little too fast but it’ll be okay. And there you have it,a perfect cup of coffee. Let’s see how my roommate likes it. He loves it. Woo!!!!

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